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Whether I am preparing for keynote speech or writing for publications such as Harvard Business Review these conversations I have are my inspiration, my classroom. My goal with this podcast is to keep you thinking and to challenge you to think about What’s Next!

What’s Next! Podcast

In my 20+ years in the sales industry, I’ve met so many brilliant people and have had some fascinating conversations. There have been too many times I’ve wished a microphone was on so I could record my conversations with amazing people and share them with you.

I take a practical approach when I work with tech companies, to help define growth strategies and go-to-market models. I am always keeping a pulse on the industry for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in buyer behavior. Then I translate pragmatic plans into sales transformation. I have been told the combination of both my operational and research experience is what positioned me as one of the leading thinkers in the area of sales transformation and business model innovation.

My current conversations center around one objective: customer success.

These conversations inspire me both as a speaker and when I write for publications such as Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post. Meeting innovative and creative people push me to do better and be better too.

I feel selfish keeping those conversations to myself. That’s why my goal with the What’s Next podcast is to share these inspiring conversations with you to keep you thinking and to challenge you to think about what’s next.

This is a window into my process. Enjoy!