“In her usual compelling and accessible style, Tiffani Bova bestowed valuable insights to our partners on how to provide a great Customer Experience to their target market, at our flagship annual event – Global Partner Summit. Partners delighted in seeing a choice video clip, key industry research as the basis for her recommendations, and a five-step action plan they can all adopt to align Employee Experience with CX to achieve desired growth.” Cheryl Cook SVP Global Partner Marketing, Dell Technologies
Tiffani delivers that all-too-rare combination of inspiration and actionable advice. She moved participants across 40 countries around the globe to think differently about their opportunities to grow. Kaihan Krippendorff CEO of Outthinker, co-organizer of Insight to Impact, and author of Outthink the Competition and Driving innovation from Within
Allyship really does indeed make a BIG difference in allowing voices from minority communities to be heard. Your small gesture led to a huge and lasting impact. Universities, thought leaders, traditional students and lifelong learners will all benefit learning from the wisdom of Spaulding, who because of you will no longer be a hidden figure within the Thinkers50 community, and beyond. Leon C. Prieto Associate Professor of Management, Clayton University Co-Author of African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage
Any time I get to hear Tiffani Bova on a podcast I know I’m in for a treat. She’s clearly smart and insightful. At the same time, she takes the complexity of customer experience and makes it accessible. Using stories with actionable lessons, Bova makes learning fun for any listener. Ali Cudby CEO, Your Iconic Brand,
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, Purdue University
#1 Bestselling author of Keep Your Customers
"Tiffani, thank you so much for your fantastic talk, one of the very best and most-appreciated sessions of the entire conference!” Joan Greco Program Director, The Conference Board
I feel like you wrote this book in such a way that it helps you actually learn the content, not just read the content. I love the book. I love the way that you wrote it. It's awesome. It's one of the best book that I've read in a long time! Stephen Pacinelli Chief Marketing Officer at BombBomb
The best! A standout speaker, author, and visionary - Tiffany illuminated our executive audience at Nielsen and perfectly articulated the customer growth journey. She is the most dynamic and knowledgable expert in this arena, truly exceptional. Andrew Criezis Head of Global Sales Operations & Enablement, The Nielsen Company
Tiffani was wonderful doing one of my last public interviews as Microsoft's CEO – we had a great time looking back across what has happened in the industry since taking on the position as CEO. Steve Ballmer Former Ceo Microsoft
I've been a fan of Tiffani's for years. She's an undisputed sales expert, and I'm thrilled to see Prezi Video in action helping her lead her audience to understand the opportunities, requirements and tensions in modern sales practices. Jim Szafranski Chief Executive Officer, Prezi
This session is significant for Microsoft partners because it's given by Tiffani Bova, a Gartner analyst who has the ear of senior channel Microsoft executivess. If you want to know how Microsoft executives are thinking about the industry and what partners should be doing, it's wise to sit in on Bova's session. SCOTT BECKER EDITOR IN CHEIF CPMAG.COM
This book is in my top three books of all time, Tiffani always maintained “Your customer will give you your strategic plan for the next five years, all you have to do is listen”. Growth IQ is beautifully illustrated with interesting anecdotes designed for the A.D.D. CEO! It’s a road map, a growth chart, a comprehensive and detailed laundry list all rolled into one; all the reader as to do is soak it in, rinse and repeat. Philip de Souza Chief Executive Officer, Aurora IT Aurora IT
Pay attention to Tiffani Bova! With her finger on the pulse of business today, she offers keen insights and critical perspectives on growth, innovation, sales, and customer experience. Tiffani is a dynamic presence on stage and a vital source for understanding how technology is changing our world.. DENISE LEE YOHN AUTHOR OF WHAT GREAT BRANDS DO DENISELEEYOHN.COM

Featured Testimonial

cheryl cook
Tiffani Bova is a dynamic, innovative thinker and incredible leader. With her diverse experience, years of research, and acute analytical skills, Tiffani provides unique, highly-valuable insights into channel go-to-market strategy, business growth and customer experience. Her ideas inspire people and businesses to push the envelope and blaze new trails. And add to this a great sense of humor and no-nonsense simplicity! Tiffani is a passionate change-maker, and I’m honored to call her a colleague and a friend.
Cheryl Cook
SVP, Global Partner Marketing, Dell Technologies
Tiffani's research in how Cloud technology changes IT channel sales and marketing has undoubtedly guided our go-to-market strategy at Cloud Sherpas. Further, her genuine interest in our success has made her a go-to resource for personalized advice. MICHAEL COHN MANAGING DIRECTOR TECHSTARS.COM
Always a pleasure to discuss disruption, innovation & the challenges facing businesses today with Tiffani. Author Of Crossing The Chasm Geoffrey Moore
I really respect her insights and knowledge that she has on what is going to happen in the future, what are the key implications that the market needs to be aware of as they build out their plans and strategies. EMILIO UMEOKA VP, ENTERPRISE APPLE.COM
Tiffani is one of the foremost thinkers in global channel strategies in the enterprise space and in my opinion one of the foremost thinkers around cloud computing and how it is impacting the overall channel. TERRY WISE DIRECTOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AMAZON.COM
By making us smarter about growth, Bova alleviates some of the uncertainty and fear that often prevent us from taking necessary risks. 800-CEO-read
There is no one in the analyst community more in tune with the channel than Tiffani Bova. PAOLO DEL NIBLETTO EDITOR COMPUTERDEALERNEWS.COM
In 2011, 2013 and 2015, I engaged Tiffani to be the keynote speaker at CenturyLink's annual partner event. Tiffani gave compelling and insightful presentations focused on the evolution of partner business models in the cloud era. I cannot overstate the positive reaction we received from our partners, or the value brought to CenturyLink. DALE TUCKER SR DIRECTOR GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP & ALLIANCES EQUINIX.COM
Tiffani is simply the best in the industry when it comes to vendor sales and channel organization analysts. The way she reduces complexity and boils the issues to the point deserve Nobel/Pulitzer prizes (what I mean is the highest award for analysts). Her sometimes provocative ideas are enlightening and highly appreciated at SAP. FRAUKE VON GREBE DIRECTOR INDUSTRY ANALYST RELATIONS SAP.COM
Tiffani is a highly effective and persuasive communicator and a forward-looking analyst who truly comprehends how the winds are changing and what it means to the entire IT ecosystem. There is no better expert on advising equipment manufacturers, service providers and the channel on how to evolve their sales motion to thrive. BRIAN ALEXANDER DIRECTOR EQUITY RESEARCH RAYMONDJAMES.COM
Tiffani Bova is one of those rare people who has a 360 degree view of the cloud and the indirect channel. She works tirelessly on the research side and is out at many events each year looking behind the curtains, speaking with the key influencers in the market and developing perspectives that only she can gather. JOE PANETTIERI CO-FOUNDER & CONTENT CZAR MSSP ALERT & CHANNELE2E
Tiffani has always inspired change, I find that her direction and to the point keynotes, not sugar-coated and driven to innovation have always produce great change in the IT industry. And to actually understand her influence is as easy as to listen. Her ability to portray the trends and take advantages, make changes and defy the "Status Quo" is making a difference. JOSEF HANS LARA CO-FOUNDER BIG BANG INNOVATION SERVICES INC.
One essential ingredient to Cisco's success with our partners is the role distribution plays as part of the ecosystem. Bova addressed hundreds of our top distributors executives with topics from diversification to the role of distributors in cloud services and new buying centers. Partners came away with a good 3rd perspective and new insights. SCOTT BROWN SVP GLOBAL VIRTUAL SALES & CUSTOMER SUCCESS CISCO.COM
From the first moment Tiffani Bova took the stage I was spellbound and kept thinking to myself that I was witnessing the strongest and best delivered speech I'd ever seen. Her purposeful posture, delivery, humility, humor and content are the best. She always knocks it out of the park! JASON JENNINGS BESTSELLING AUTHOR NY TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY