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growth iq tiffani bova

I was given some amazing advice when I first started to write Growth IQ: Write the book you would want to read! I took that advice to heart and designed the book in a way that was approachable, engaging, fun and easy to read [actual feedback I have since received].

I wanted to use case studies and stories [30 of them] to lead the reader through the concept of Growth IQ. The goal of all the case studies wasn’t just to be interesting, but to highlight what’s possible – not just with massive global brands, but with small and mid-size companies who have grown quickly by leveraging the right growth paths at the right time, in the right combination and sequence.

When I was doing research for Growth IQ there was no shortage of amazing companies and stories I was interested in highlighting in the book. I wasn’t just looking for interesting case studies, I was looking for companies who had faced a clear fork in the road, so that I could deconstruct what decisions they had made (good and/or bad) when they were looking for growth or recovering from a growth stall.

While each of the companies in the book followed their own decision-making process to take the steps they did, Growth IQ provides a simple framework to better understand these growth efforts and hopefully help readers develop their own decision-making prowess.

There are 30 case studies in the book including Under Armour, Sephora, Shake Shack, The Honest Company, Walmart, Marvel, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics and others – 21 of them are positive use cases of a particular path, and the remaining 9 are cautionary tales of ‘how it can go wrong’ – because failures can be one of the greatest teachers.

I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel of growth strategies, I wanted to modernize so much of what has already been written in the new context of today’s technology, business agility and global scale. I hope you enjoy my book, Growth IQ!

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