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I was given some amazing advice when I first started to write Growth IQ: Write the book you would want to read! I took that advice to heart and designed the book in a way that was approachable, engaging, fun and easy to read [actual feedback I have since received].

I wanted to use case studies and stories [30 of them] to lead the reader through the concept of Growth IQ. The goal of all the case studies wasn’t just to be interesting, but to highlight what’s possible – not just with massive global brands, but with small and mid-size companies who have grown quickly by leveraging the right growth paths at the right time, in the right combination and sequence.

When I was doing research for Growth IQ there was no shortage of amazing companies and stories I was interested in highlighting in the book. I wasn’t just looking for interesting case studies, I was looking for companies who had faced a clear fork in the road, so that I could deconstruct what decisions they had made (good and/or bad) when they were looking for growth or recovering from a growth stall.

While each of the companies in the book followed their own decision-making process to take the steps they did, Growth IQ provides a simple framework to better understand these growth efforts and hopefully help readers develop their own decision-making prowess.

There are 30 case studies in the book including Under Armour, Sephora, Shake Shack, The Honest Company, Walmart, Marvel, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics and others – 21 of them are positive use cases of a particular path, and the remaining 9 are cautionary tales of ‘how it can go wrong’ – because failures can be one of the greatest teachers.

I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel of growth strategies, I wanted to modernize so much of what has already been written in the new context of today’s technology, business agility and global scale. I hope you enjoy my book, Growth IQ!

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Editorial Reviews

A worthy successor to Michael Porter, Bova's book is that rare gift: it opens doors for new ideas and new actions. No glib answers here, simply hard-won wisdom that will provoke big changes for organizations large and small. Seth Godin Author Of Linchpin
Too many companies foster cultures of burnout in the pursuit of short-term growth as an end in itself. Smart growth is sustainable growth and Tiffani Bova shows us how to maintain it by building a purpose-led culture and leveraging, instead of sacrificing, the dedication of your people. Arianna Huffington Founder & CEO Of Thrive Global, Founder Of Huffington Post
We all want our business to grow, but how can we make that happen? Fortunately, Tiffani Bova is here with answers. In this smart book, she reveals ten growth paths -- from creating an inspiring customer experience to disrupting business as usual. And she backs her findings with solid data and examples from thriving companies. You've got a choice: Tread the old paths or follow Bova into the future. Daniel H. Pink Author Of When And Drive
Look, I LOVE this book. PERIOD. Growth IQ has a crisp, clean, and valuable superstructure. And it's well written. Those things are great, but no the basis for my love affair. The love comes from Stories. Stories. Stories. Ten sound strategies, thirty compelling, memorable stories--from Starbucks and McDonald's to Under Armour and Red Bull. If these stories don't inspire you and add a ton to your stockpile of personal intellectual capital, I don't know what will. Bravo Tiffani Bova! Tom Peters Author Of In Search Of Excellence
Whether you're planning to disrupt an industry or protect your company from competitors, GROWTH IQ shows how urgent it is to choose the right path. This choice can be overwhelming but Tiffani simplifies your options into ten proven paths and empowers you to embark upon the right one for you with confidence...and results. Our love affair with comfort zones can be our downfall; Tiffani reminds us that almost all the good stuff happens when we venture off the well-trodden trail into uncharted--and therefore uncertain--territory. With her guidance, we discover that the uncertainty need not be so daunting--through examples, savvy, deeply-experienced analysis and synthesis, and valuable checklists, Tiffani will provide a bump to anyone's GROWTH IQ. Whitney Johnson Thinkers50 Management Thinker, Author Of Disrupt Yourself
This book captures the essence of how to consistently grow an enterprise through relentless customer focus... Tiffani Bova is the quintessential story teller... leading us through a framework that gives structure to our growth strategy. As a founder some of these things are innate... but this book is a valuable tool to inspire my leaders throughout each of our businesses. It made me giggle too, I remember my CFO asking (as we hit our growth stride)... "what is it that worked?" The answer of course is everything. We are in the 1% game now, looking and seeking growth of 1% from each of our initiatives - combined they deliver double digit growth annually. Thanks Tiffani for writing this down... a guide book for all leaders to inspire those around them. Naomi Simson Shark - Shark Tank Australia, Founder Of Redballoon, Cofounder Of Big Red Group
Growth is top of mind for every company, but the path to achieving sustained growth can be elusive. In Growth IQ, Tiffani applies her deep expertise from working with the world's top brands to light a path to growth in this era of rapid digital transformation. Keith Block Vice Chairman, President And Coo, Salesforce
Tiffani Bova has a knack for rendering complex insights in clear, elegant prose. Growth IQ tackles the biggest question in business. Martin Lindstrom Author Of Buyology And Small Data

4.8 / 5.0 after 100 reviews