The Experience Equation

Research has long established the link between customer experience (CX) and revenue generation. But the situation is more nuanced—and more interesting—than that.

CX is in fact locked with employee experience (EX) in an intricate relationship in which one depends on the other to gain maximum results. The fact is the fastest way to get your customers to love your brand, is by ensuring your employees love their jobs.

Growth is a Thinking Game

The one thing about growth is it is never one thing. Growth is a thinking game. To achieve it, we must find new and different ways to ignite a beginner’s mind that is open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

The pandemic was a black swan event that put an end to business as usual. In a matter of hours, days and weeks, the impact of COVID-19 forced entrepreneurs, leaders and businesses of all sizes to reimagine the future and build a resilient response to the crisis—finding new ways to stay connected and work together to create and uncover opportunity, as well as solve challenges locally and globally. Although some businesses faltered, many more have survived and even thrived because of a determination to think forward.

The Future Of Sales

Sellers spend 66% of their time not selling.

That’s due to a “crisis of complexity” that can bog down the sales process, and an over-reliance on the familiar levers of hiring more salespeople, spending more marketing dollars, and cutting costs.

But as sales organizations look towards the future, it’s vital to find ways to adopt technology and change habits to find success years down the road.