The Future Of Sales

Sellers spend 66% of their time not selling.

That’s due to a “crisis of complexity” that can bog down the sales process, and an over-reliance on the familiar levers of hiring more salespeople, spending more marketing dollars, and cutting costs.

But as sales organizations look towards the future, it’s vital to find ways to adopt technology and change habits to find success years down the road.

Selling in the Next Future

Whether you’re leading a sales team or trying to hit quotas yourself, selling today means unique challenges.

Salesforce Global Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova recently answered the most frequently asked questions from sales teams aiming to drive growth and revenue amid tough circumstances.

The Future Of Sales 2018

This presentation is an overview of the trends Salesforce believes will most impact the way companies sell and engage with customers in the not too distant future. While these trends were developed in 2018, they are still relevant today.

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