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A Resilient Path to Growth

A Resilient Path to Growth

Remember, the path to sustainable growth is never just one thing. You must build a company that is responsive to whatever the market may throw at you. Setting the tone at the top with a clear vision on how the company will grow and what each employee can do to play their part is the key to success.

In this motivational keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and WSJ bestselling author of Growth IQ and her latest book The Experience Mindset (May 2023), shares what it takes to stay relevant, be bold and create an engine for sustained and repeatable growth now and into the next.

Takeaways include:

  • How to uncover the current market context to shape your future strategies.
  • Learning the most common paths back to profitable and sustainable growth in challenging times.
  • Looking to your people and your customers to guide your strategy.
  • Understanding how to make the proper investments in the business across people, processes and technology.

The Experience Mindset

The idea that “happy employees lead to happy customers” is widespread and well-rehearsed by leadership teams. What’s missing is the playbook on how to put the EX=CX equation into action. Today’s decision-makers and C-Suite know the employee experience (EX) matters, but recent studies show businesses continue to put the customer experience (CX) above all. A customer-first mentality creates an unconscious tension between employees and customers—setting companies back and preventing employees from thinking forward.

By increasing focus and intentionality on EX, companies not only improve the business-to-everyone (B2E) experience—especially employees and customers— but they also notably and organically increase revenue growth. With economic uncertainty looming and the talent crisis growing, now is the time to align these two experiences, orchestrate a great workforce and unlock growth where the customer and employee converge.

In this compelling keynote, Tiffani Bova, a celebrated Thinkers 50 influencer and the Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce, pulls from her WSJ bestselling book Growth IQ and her new book The Experience Mindset (May 2023) to present your audience with real-world examples and practical, actionable insights on:

  1. The real and seemingly causal link between employee experience and customer experience.
  2. How employee expectations have changed.
  3. How customer expectations have shifted to a more personalized and digitally connected engagement.
  4. How companies can, will and are designing effective EX- and CX-centered growth strategies.
  5. What executives will need to consider when designing collaboration between all those involved with employees, customers and technology.
The Experience 2
Thinking Forward and Growing Faster

Thinking Forward and Growing Faster

Growth is a thinking game. There’s no silver bullet. It isn’t about hiring the best employees or delivering the most incredible customer experience or launching the most innovative products–it is all of them, working in combination.

To achieve growth, we must out-think and out-execute our competition. We must find ways to ignite a beginner’s mind that is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. We can’t fall back on old habits and say, ‘that isn’t the way we do it here,’ or ‘we tried that a few years ago and it didn’t work.’ As business leaders, we must be willing to disrupt ourselves if we expect those around us to be able to respond to disruptions.

In this keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and WSJ bestselling author of Growth IQ and the Experience Mindset (May 2023), inspires attendees to take planned action with a greater understanding of the interdependencies in the decisions made around growth. During the session, she will share the Growth IQ framework including several of the “10 Growth Paths” covered in her book.

You will learn:

  • The internal obstacles to profitable growth.
  • How to think about growth paths rather than strategies.
  • How to create the context that leads to growth.
  • How to sequence and time growth actions.
  • Approaches to gauge organizational health.

B2E is the New Sales Experience

The gap is widening. The disconnect is real. And your sales teams are burning out. Why? Because what buyers want and what sellers can deliver aren’t matching up.

Operating under a business as usual, “sell me on this” mentality is gone. Today’s business leaders must encourage their sales teams to think forward, embrace change, listen more, disrupt themselves and adopt an experience mindset to meet customers where they are.

The differences between selling B2C and B2B are few. In a digital world, it’s Business to Everyone (B2E) and the pressure is on for salespeople to perform while consumers and businesses transform.

Today’s decision-making process is being heavily swayed by new expectations, social influences, and technologies companies now have at their disposal including increased automation, AI, machine learning, CRM, video and analytics to list a few. To thrive, businesses around the world must clearly define their value and purpose, and reimagine teams, organizational structures, partnerships, platforms and selling processes to exceed employee and customer expectations and achieve growth now and in the future.

In this fresh perspective keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and WSJ bestselling author of Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset (May 2023), shares her insights on what it takes to re-ignite your sales organizations, get closer to your customers, stay ahead of competitors, and achieve sustainable growth. Pulling from Tiffani’s analysis, you’ll also gain insight on:

  • The changing relationship between the seller and the buyer.
  • Understanding why we don’t have a technology problem, but rather, we have a people and process problem.
  • Why building a bias for your employees and your existing customers will help maintain growth when customer acquisition slows.
  • How best to leverage technology to streamline sales processes and both the employee and the customer experience.