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the great reset

The Great Reset

As we learn from the times and think forward, there are a lot of actions we can take to ready ourselves, our businesses and our customers for growth. The great reset isn’t a new normal. It’s a shift in our mindset that pushes us to pause and reflect on the past, respond to the present, and rethink the future. What can we control? Our attitude. Our actions. What can we do together to get back to growth? Energize our teams. Set a clear direction. Get closer to our customers.

In this fresh perspective keynote, Tiffani shares what it takes to stay relevant and build a bias for existing customers to enable continued growth together – and make smarter business decisions now and in the next future.

The New Customer Experience

The fastest way to get your customers to love your brand, is by ensuring your employees love their jobs. That is why the customer experience continues to be a strong differentiator and signature path to growth. Connecting an entire organization to the needs of the associate and the customer is proven to propel performance and help businesses of all sizes maximize retention, avoid a growth stall, and find innovative ways to better service existing clients and reach prospects.

In this keynote, Tiffani tackles the hard topics head-on—taking a straight-forward, front-line look at the mindset, strategies and tactics used to inspire innovation and develop an employee first, customer-centric organization capable of thinking forward and growing together now and in the next future.

growth is a thinking game

Growth is a Thinking Game

The one thing about growth is it is never one thing. Growth is a thinking game. To achieve it, we must find new and different ways to ignite a beginner’s mind that is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. The pandemic was a black swan event that put an end to business as usual. In a matter of hours, days and weeks, the impact of COVID-19 forced entrepreneurs, leaders and businesses of all sizes to reimagine the future and build a resilient response to the crisis—finding new ways to stay connected and work together to create and uncover opportunity, as well as solve challenges locally and globally. Although some businesses faltered, many more have survived and even thrived because of a determination to think forward.

In this keynote, Tiffani motivates attendees to get comfortable being uncomfortable, take action and find new, different and better ways to grow together now and in the next future.

The Future of Sales

Since the advent of business, sales strategies have evolved in response to changing market context and customer demands. Today the gap is widening between what buyers want and what sellers can deliver. The pandemic has shaken up customers’ circumstances with unprecedented scale and speed. As a result, 79% of sales reps say they have had to quickly adapt to a new way of selling. Furthermore, sellers are contending with a flood of changes themselves. Between new responsibilities, new metrics, and an increase in sales motions, everything is on the table.

The future of sales is being led by the vast array of technology capabilities companies now have as their disposal including AI, Machine Learning, CRM, Video and Analytics. But technology isn’t the only area being considered. Reimagining teams, organizational structures, partnerships and selling processes will become top of mind for companies looking to achieve growth.

In this fresh perspective keynote, Tiffani shares her insights on what it takes to avoid a “crisis of complexity” and build a bias for existing customers that enables businesses to make smarter decisions and grow more profitably now and in the next future.

the future of sales